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This page lists's recommendations for and experiences with the Megaboot Accelerator. may disagree with the manufacturer on some of these recommendations.

Basic Requirements

Megaboost is for Windows-based computers. Sorry, the Mac version is NOT yet available. recommends a minimum of:

  • CPU speed of 500 MHz or more
  • 256MB RAM. Less RAM may work if there are no background applications running. finds that an acceleration in the mid-range of the scale produces very acceptable quality graphics while still reducing downloads about 75% (250kb instead of 1,000kb). On a slow connection, that means a picture that's been taking 4 minutes to download will take about one minute. isn't happy with the picture quality when configured for full acceleration.


Call or send e-mail to to activate the accelerator. You will not be able to complete the Megaboost login until the service is activated on your account.


Megaboost is a fairly quick 1.4 Megabyte download.

  1. Click the "Downloads" link, above and choose the program
  2. Once downloaded, double-click and install like any other program.
  3. Anti-spyware, anti-virus, or firewall might ask about "Slipstream". That's OK.

Megaboost loads when Windows starts up. When Megaboost detects a network connection, it will login (that can take about one minute).

If something isn't working correctly, check the settings by clicking on the icon in the bottom right system tray.

Choose "Settings".
Under "Image Quality", we like the slider about midway. Be sure "Enable NOWImaging" is checked.
Under "Connection", be sure your Username has after it. You may enter your password and click "Save password" for automatic login.
Under "Features", choose other items you want to accelerate. Only "Macromedia Flash" is on by default. You might want to add "Ad Blocking", "POP3" and "IMAP". If you click SMTP, you might get SPF errors when sending e-mail messages to receipients whose servers are not SPF-compliant.
Choose "Pop-Up Blocker" if you want to enable it.
Click "Enable Pop-Up Blocker".
There's a "White List" of items to allow.

If the available memory on the computer is low, it may appear the computer runs slower with Megaboost. Removal of unnecessary memory-resident / background programs improves not only the speed with Megaboost, but also the overall performance of the computer.


When you want to see an image with better quality, right click on the image and choose "Show Original Image".

We've noticed web site ads are directed toward Canadian users. If you want US ads, go to Settings | Connection | Advanced and change the setting for "Remove Server Hostname" to (instead of Leave the "Server Port" set to 7000 and the "Local Listening Port" set to 5400.

We've experienced faster browsing with Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. Download Firefox (about 5 megabytes).

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